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New Hockey Canada Registration System Last updated: June 29 2021 21:26:19

  What you need to do on Hockey Canada's new HCR3.0 system

Hockey Canada has updated it's Hockey Registration System to the latest HCR 3.0.

You will need to set up a new account in HCR 3.0, then link your profiles in order to register for the coming season. Profiles for players, coaches and volunteers have been transferred to the new version and all hockey ID numbers are the same.

There are a couple of guides to help you:

  HCR3.0 Quick Start Guide

  How to create a Hockey Registry Account

Please contact our Registrar, Wendy Webster at 905-270-1972 if you have any questions about setting up your account. We hope to have registration live by July 5th and it would be great if you could set up your account before registration opens.

Hockey is coming back!!

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